Overview of new instances after EU2, EU3, EU5 migration


All orgs on the EU2, EU3 and EU5 instances will be migrated to one of six new instances on Saturday December 2nd or Sunday December 3rd. For the specific date and time please review the respective articles. To review to which instance your org will be migrated to, please see the full list of ORG IDs and new instances below (Salesforce has also emailed you with your new instance). Use CTRL + F and enter the ORG ID of your org to quickly find the instance your org is being migrated to. The ORG ID can be found in the Salesforce Setup --> Company Profile --> Company Information (the field is named Salesforce.com Organization ID).

ORG ID New instance
00Db0000000ILf3 EU10
00Db0000000KFDr EU10
00Db0000000YK36 EU10
00Db0000000YANU EU10
00Db0000000HCcF EU8
00Db0000000Is92 EU8
00Db0000000JIX9 EU8
00Db0000000KFAi EU10
00Db0000000eBga EU10
00Db0000000bGyB EU8
00Db0000000HfIl EU8
00Db0000000ar4z EU8
00Db0000000a4d3 EU10
00Dw0000000lUgL EU12
00Dw0000000lUsM EU13
00Dw0000000m0IQ EU13
00Dw0000000nlDH EU13
00Dw0000000mfKi EU13
00Dw0000000D8Ie EU13
00Dw0000000myvM EU13
00Dw0000000lMGo EU12
00Dw0000000mjCt EU12
00D24000000JQJe EU15
00D24000000Zezx EU15
00D24000000fEX2 EU15
00D24000000dEAO EU14
00D24000000e0E8 EU14
00D24000000ackW EU14
00D24000000JW15 EU15
00D24000000k6R5 EU14
00D24000000qeDJ EU14
00D24000000IjzK EU15
00D24000000ZJKZ EU15
00D24000000IhLT EU15
00D24000000qD9A EU15
00D24000000j98H EU14
00D24000000IGRy EU14
00D24000000IFec EU15
00D24000000K2ss EU15
00D24000000KKw4 EU15
00D24000000YQNe EU15
00D24000000pjuc EU14
00D24000000HELB EU15
00D24000000HGZ9 EU14


All new instances are located in Frankfurt, Germany and Paris, France.

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