Flipbase - Configuration


Fill in the Flipbase credentials

  1. Go to the Connexys Setup > Application settings > All Settings > Flipbase
  2. Fill in the Flipbase player id and Flipbase record id you get via the mail from your Flipbase contact person.

Create Flipbase Form

  1. Go to the Connexys Setup > Advanced Setup > Forms
  2. Click on “New Form” (in case of different step in the process) or edit an existing one.
  3. Fill in at least:
  • Form Name (for example: Flipbase form)
  • Candidate fieldset (use a shortened version, like: full name, mail and phone number)
  • Flipbase (if needed place the flipbase fields on the page layout):
    • Enable flipbase after form
    • Flipbase explanation text

(for example: "Note: Please hit the 'Stop recording' button before you hit the 'Save' button. You are able to review your video or retake your video as often as you want before you submit it.")

  • Flipbase explanation header

(for example: Choose your method for recording and sending your video pitch)

  • You don’t need to show job requirements, Hard criteria, educations, cv or work experiences
  • Alternative thanks header (update)
  • Alternative thanks text (update)
  • Default values and workflows
  1. Click on “Safe”

Place Flipbase fields on the page layout of the objects Job Applications (and Candidates)

  1. Go to the Salesforce Setup
  2. Go to the object Job Applications and/or Candidates
  3. Go to the relevant page layout
  4. Place for example the “Flipbase icon“ field and “Flipbase failed reason“ on the layout
  5. Click on Save


  1. Look on the Object for the Field set “Preview application overview“. Or look for a field that displays all types of documents in the document preview.
  2. Quick find the field “Flipbase video ID” and place it on the field set.

Edit the relevant Workflow and create new Workflow steps*

*If you want to have the Flipbase option on a separate Workflow step

  1. Open the Workflow were you want to add Flipbase, and create two (active) New Workflow Statuses like:
  2. Video Assignment Send
  3. Video Assignment Completed
  4. Create two New Workflow Steps:

    a. Send Video Assignment

In any case tick Checkbox: “Is update step” and (first create and) add a Candidate email template for a Workflow step with a link to the Flipbase form, like (see <A HREF="{!link}&formId=XXX">link</A>).

        b. Video Assignment Completed

In any case tick Checkbox: “Is UpdateDone step” and fill in the Record type name like: Enter_video_pitch_score

    5. Create New Workflow status transitions round the Video assignment steps.


Set the Privacy settings to use Flipbase

  1. Go to the Salesforce Setup > Build > Develop > Sites
  2. Click on the Site Label of the Resourcemanager
  3. Edit and Enable the Visualforce Page Access “cxsrec.cxsSearchApplyDoneFlipbase”
  4. Click on Save and you return on the Site Details page of the Site Resourcemanger
  5. Click on the button “Publick Access Settings”
  6. Go to the custom Field-Level Security of the objects “Form”, “Candidate” and “Job Application”
  7. Check on the Field-Level Security all the checkboxes concerning Flipbase (where the name Flipbase appears in the name)



- Stylesheet

The stylesheet of the application form sometimes blocks certain options of the Flipbase page, like the stop button. This can be adjusted in the Connexys Setup > Application settings > All Settings > Application form > Stylesheet.

This can be fixed by removing this part of the CSS:

         body .searchApplyDone li:before {

         content: counter(item) ". ";

         counter-increment: item;

         color: #XXXX ;


For changing the standard Flipbase colors you can add this code to the Stylesheet:

        .flipbase-btn-large, .flipbase-btn-single, .flipbase-icon:hover{

        background-color: #XXXX*!important;

 *add Color HTML code

- Duration of the videos

It's not that easy to change the duration of the videos. For this you need to submit a (billable) change request to both Flipbase and Connexys.

- Click here for Flipbase documentation

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