Release Notes - Connexys v.9.6


This article is the general overview of the most important improvements for release v.9

Start installing: Summer 2017 [Expected: August/September]

1. Introduction
2. Additions
3. Changes
4. Fixes

1. Introduction

Release 9.6 is a small release that contains fewer new functionalities and bug fixes than a regular major release. This release mainly consists of security improvements and we have specifically focused on the site user to comply with the Salesforce security guidelines and follow the secure software development best practices. The most important part of these security improvements is the addition of a new setting on the Connexys Setup page, where a fallback user needs to be chosen and the ownership of all records that are usually owned by the site user will be transferred to this user in stead. When applying through the site, all records that were given the site-user as owner will now be set to that chosen fallback user as owner for the following object records:

Campus events
Hard criteria
Job applications

It will also list the objects with records that are currently owned by the site user and that need to be transferred to the fallback user. Please read 3.1 Transfer ownership of records owned by Site user in the section 3. Changes carefully and carry out the conversion as soon as possible after the install of Release 9.6.


2. Additions

1.1 Lightning Ready

We continued working on making Connexys Resource Manager ready for Salesforce Lightning. To read more on Salesforce Lightning, visit: Salesforce lightning campaign.


3. Changes

3.1 Transfer ownership of records owned by Site user

A new page has been added to the Connexys Setup page in the Advanced setup section, Transfer Site User Ownership. On this page you can set the fallback user to whom all records that are owned by a site user will be assigned to. In the second section of the page a list of objects with existing records that are owned by a site user are listed. These records can be transferred to the fallback user from there as well. After Release 9.6 has been installed on your org, you need to perform the conversion as soon as possible. If no fallback user is set, an active admin user (non-Connexys) will be chosen. Is there no non-Connexys admin user, then an active Connexys admin user will be chosen. Is there no admin user at all, then it will pick a random active user.

Before starting the conversion job, the batch size can be set by selecting a batch size from the batch size field. Orgs with the Nétive app installed need to change the batch size to 5. [TRS-3812, TRS-3814, TRS-3818]

Below an explanation of the steps that need to be taken, accompanied by screenshots:

(1) The new page Transfer Site User Ownership can be found on the Connexys Setup page (see screenshot below). The warning sign is shown when no fallback user has been set yet.


(2) In the lookup field Select default user you choose the fallback user to whom the records that are usually owned by the site user will be assigned to (don't forget to click Save). This is also the user to whom the current records that are owned by the site user are transferred to. Those records are shown in the Records to transfer section. (3)Select all records to transfer to the fallback user and (4) change the Batch Size if needed. We advise you to try it with the default size first unless you have the Nétive app installed on your org, in that case you need to change the Batch Size to 5. (5) Then click on Start Transfer Process.


It will start transferring the records to the fallback user. (6) When you click on show count you can see how many records still need to be transferred (you can click refresh to update the count). It may happen that some records cannot be transferred because the fallback user doesn't have sufficient rights. It will show a warning sign before the object name. (7) Hoover over the warning sign to read the error message. (8) There are two possibilities: grant the chosen user the required access or change the fallback user. You can change the fallback user just for this particular transfer and change it back to the preferred user after the transfer is complete. (9) When all records have been transferred, the section Records to transfer will disappear.


3.2 Textkernel indexing: last indexing status on separate object

It is now possible to enable saving the indexing status of a candidate and job on a separate object. This can be enabled by checking the Allow Save while indexing checkbox in the Textkernel application settings (Connexys Setup --> Application settings --> Textkernel). When this is enabled, a record can de indexed and saved after editing by a user without errors. Please be aware that, since the indexing status will be kept in a separate record, this option will increase data usage significantly. [TRS-3550]

3.3 Hiring manager portal: visibility steps

To make sure steps are only shown to the right person in combination with the hiring manager portal, we have made a small change. On the workflow status transition you can assign the persons who are allowed to use this transition: Recruiter, Hiring manager or both. It will only be shown to the assignee(s). This change requires you to select per workflow status transition who is allowed to use it. [TRS-3677]

3.4 Anonymization of Files

The new Salesforce functionality Files has now been added to the the anonymization schedule, which means that all Files on a candidate record will be deleted when a candidate is anonymized. [TRS-3701]

3.5 Enablement HTML in cxsAgreementRenewal labels

The following labels, which are used on the cxsAgreementRenewal page, can now use HTML: Registration_agreement_renewal_anonymized; Registration_agreement_renewal_fail; Registration_agreement_renewal_nok; Registration_agreement_renewal_ok. [TRS-3866]

3.6 REST Service

A new REST service is available with which the OwnerId can be retrieved based on FormId and PositionId or EventId. URL:  "/services/apexrest/GetOwnerId"
{"data" : "{"formId":"<formid>","positionId":"<positionId|null>","eventId":"<eventId|null>"}"}. [TRS-3247]

3.7 Job alert links

As of this release the subscribe and unsubscribe links for the job alert will no longer contain the email address. Job alert links that were send out before patch 9.5.5 (which was pushed to all orgs on the 9.5 version on September 28, 2017), will no longer work properly. [TRS-3573]

3.8 GermanPersonnel: new packaged fields

For our connection with GermanPersonnel we had to create four new fields on the Job object and are now part of our package:

  1. Sales consultant (cxsrec__Sales_consultant__c)
  2. Contact person for questions (cxsrec__Contact_for_questions__c)
  3. Internal department (cxsrec__Internal_department__c)
  4. Cost center (cxsrec__Cost_center__c). [TRS-3808, TRS-3535]

When creating a new Job via the wizard defaults are set for these four fields on the Job.


4. Fixes

Each of our customers reporting a bug via Connexys Support, always receives updates on fixes for that bug via Connexys Support.

Reference Description  
TRS-3503 Proposal portal override editing is fixed  
TRS-3631 Translation for the labels Availability_htmlBelow and Availability_htmlAbove are improved  
TRS-3710 The labels in the personal-info block of the proposal portal are now wrapped by a span containing a class  
TRS-3711 When clicking on the 'Save CV to All' button, the Use Uploaded CV option is also saved on the other job applications  
TRS-3853 HTML in fields shown correctly again on cxsstep page  
TRS-3867 Too many SOQL queries error fixed when using GroupCreateJobApplications  
TRS-3881 Date issue with Hungarian locale is fixed  

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