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There are several checkbox fields that can be checked on a workflow step, like Always allowed. It is not always clear what you enable when checking the field. This article contains an overview of the fields and what they do:

  1. Always allowed: If checked, the step can be performed always and does not change the status of Job Application.
  2. Available as proposal step: If checked, the Candidate will be proposed to Hiring Manager using the old Proposal Portal.
  3. Generated CV required: If checked, CV generation is mandatory before proposing candidate to Hiring Manager.
  4. Is add to talentpool: If checked, the Talentpool page is displayed on the Step page.
  5. Is answer questionnaire step: If checked, the step of this type will be created once the questionnaire is answered.
  6. Is answer proposal step: If checked, this step is used as response from the Hiring Manager in the Proposal Portal.
  7. Is enter interview notes step: If checked, this step will used to check if the hiring manager needs to enter interview notes in the Hiring Manager Portal.
  8. Is send job by email step: If checked, then the job can be sent by email using this step.
  9. Is update done step: If checked, the Profile updated by Candidate step will be created from the update form.
  10. Is update step: If checked, the Candidate update request step is created and the merge item {!link} will show the link to the update form.
  11. Share with hiring manager: If checked, the Candidate will be proposed to Hiring Manager using the new Proposal Portal.
  12. Email recruiter after proposal answer: If checked, the Recruiter will receive an email after the Hiring Manager has answered the proposal (if you use the Proposal Portal). For this to work, you also need to have an email template of the type Contact Generic Email and this template needs to be named: Hiring Manager has answered proposal.

The checkbox field Show as workflow button is deprecated and thus no longer used.

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