Available for matching issue


We want to inform you about an issue that has been resolved. In spite of several patches, some records might not have the correct value for the field 'Available for matching'.

After the install of release 8 steps taken by the site user resulted in the checkbox 'Availability for matching' being disabled. Furthermore, when changes are made to existing steps the checkbox 'Available for matching' also resulted in being disabled.

This means that the candidate would not be indexed in Textkernel Candidate Search and Connexys Candidate Search. 

The deployment of several patches resolved this issue. However, candidates could still have the wrong field value. This can be corrected by changing the value manually or in a batch.

We can help you with making an analysis for how many candidates and which candidates the checkbox 'Available for matching' should be set on true again. Moreover, we can carry out this change for you, thus changing the field value to true.

If you are interested in this service you can send an email to help@connexys.com with the request to perform the mentioned action and the field value will be set to true again, making sure the candidates will be added to the Textkernel Candidate Index.

Please note that the mentioned field is usually not on the Candidate page layout. If you wish to change the value for a candidate manually, you will probably need to add the field to the Candidate page layout first.

Do you have any questions about this issue? Please send an email to help@connexys.com or contact Customer Support by phone at +31 10 498 09 88.


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