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Candidate wizard

A convenient way to enter a candidate directly is by using the Candidate wizard; a tool that assists in inserting a candidate into the database.

Application settings

The layout of the Candidate wizard can be adjusted to the preferences of your organisation using Application settings

Candidate wizard: page layout

This field determines the layout of the Candidate wizard, which implies that it determines the fields that are shown on the page. In the example, the layout consists of three sections of which two with Candidate field sets, both containing their fields:

  • basic candidate data
  • contact details

Next to that, there is a third section:

  • hard criteria

Each section needs to be placed on a new line in this field, to create a new block.

Field sets

Start every field set on a new line, for example:


The 3 parts of the above example with a Candidate field set, are (the bold text needs to be taken over in its entirety):

  • fieldset.
  • API name of the Candidate field set
  • .header directly followed by the number of the header

To create or adjust field sets, go to Setup > Build > Create > Objects and search for the Candidate object. That object contains a section on field sets, where adjustments or new field sets can be made.

Work experience



education.cxsrec__CV_Generator.Education.{!Name} - {!cxs__Institute_Name_and_Place__c}

Hard criteria


criteria(Hard criteria 1,Hard Criteria 2).header8

The 3 parts of the line above, with Hard criteria, are (the bold parts need to be entered exactly):

  • criteria
  • In brackets, specify which hard criteria you want to show
  • .header directly followed by the number of the label

Mandatory fields and criteria

Click here for information about how to make fields required.
Click here for information about how to make Hard Criteria mandatory.

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