Candidate wizard: Configuration


It is also possible that an organisation is already in the possession of a pool of candidates or receives a CV from a candidate that had email contact with a user. They might want to insert this specific candidate data in the application. The best way to do that, is by the use of the "Candidate wizard". The "Candidate Wizard" is a tool that helps with inserting a candidate file in the database. 

Application settings

The layout of the "Candidate wizard" can be adjusted to the preferences of the organisation. Adjustment of the layout can be done in the "Application settings". 

Candidate wizard: page layout
This field determines the layout of the "Candidate wizard", which implies that it determines the fields that are shown on the page. In the example, the layout consists of two fieldsets (basic candidate data and contact details), both containing their own fields. Next to that, there is a section on hard criteria in this "Candidate wizard". Each fieldset or section needs to be placed on a new line in this field. To make or adjust fieldsets, go to "Setup" --> "Build" --> "Create" --> "Objects" and search for the Candidate-object. That object contains a section on fieldsets, where adjustments or new fieldsets can be made.

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