In some countries, governmental rules state that it is not allowed to keep candidate data in file for longer than a certain period, due to privacy regulation. For that reason, the application provides the possibility to anonymize candidate data after a certain time. When this option is configured, it won't be possible to read the fields that are selected for the anonymization after that period. You can configure the anonymization in line with the rules that apply for your organisation.



The anonymizing script erases traces of information that lead to the identity of the Candidate.

It has been brought to our attention however, that the Chatter Feed is currently excluded from this process.

If you have the Chatter option enabled, and are concerned about legacy data that may have been missed as part of the Anonymization Process, please do get in touch with your Support Representative, who can assist you with data cleansing already anonymized records.

Going forwards, we will be further updating the existing Anonymization process to ensure that Chatter records related to candidates are also anonymized.  Release dates for this improvement will be announced in due course.


Selecting data

Which Candidates will be notified to be anonymized:

  • All selected Candidate Record Types 

Which data is deleted / kept / xx-ed out:

  • The full name of the Candidate will be xxx-ed out [so reporting is possible].
  • All the candidate's application(s) names will be xxx-ed out [so reporting is possible].
  • Steps will be maintained [so reporting is possible].
  • The related cxs documents and attachments will be erased.
  • All emails will be erased.
  • A selection of packaged fields [see list]
  • An extra selection of fields as decided by the customer


Candidate Anonymizing Fields

On the Candidate detail page (When added to the lay-out) the following fields will be shown respectively:






Date acknowledgement privacy statement

Date on which the candidate is created in the database.


Anonymize status

3 Values:

  • Known: known candidate not yet anonymized
  • Notified: candidate has received notification mail, and will be next in line to be anonymized, unless the candidate clicks the link ‘do not anonymize me'.
  • Anonymized: candidate is anonymized


Anonymize notification date

(Planned) date on which the notification mail is / will be send.

This date will be set automatically at the creation of the candidate record, based upon:
Anonymize notification date = Date privacy statement + Privacy agreement period - Notify period


Anonymize date

Will be set during the notify action. During this action:

  • notify mail is send
  • Anonymize status will be: “Notified’
  • Anonymize date will be set to Date privacy statement + Privacy agreement period


Agreement renewal date

When candidate clicks on the link ‘do not anonymize me’:

  • Agreement renewal date will be set to Today
  • Anonymize status will be set to “Known”
  • Anonymize notification date will be set to Today + Renewal period - Notify period


First-time set-up

This will be done in consultation with one of the Connexys consultants. To make the module operational, there need to be set 4 things:

  1. Determine and set the desired settings, like: time, which candidate types, and which candidate data.
  2. Creating and reviewing of the e-mail templates.
  3. Activation of the task that makes the anonymzing script each period x 'run'.
  4. Creating a report to check results.


The script will run by the next settings:

Privacy agreement period
Most organisations ask an applicant to agree with their privacy statement when they apply for a job at their company. This is usually a checkbox at the bottom of the application form, indicating "I agree with the privacy statement". The field "Privacy agreement period" indicates the number of days the data can be kept in file in line with the privacy statement that the candidate agreed on. For example, when a candidate agrees with a privacy statement which states data will be kept in file for a year, this setting can be filled with "365".

Batch size
General set by Connexys [to 200, or 5 for Netive customers].

Fieldset (candidate object)
This setting contains the name of the fieldset (of the candidate object) containing the fields to be anonymized. Enter the name of the fieldset

Fieldset (job application object)
This setting contains the name of the fieldset (of the job application object) containing the fields to be anonymized. Enter the name of the fieldset

Minimum number of Days that data is kept after Inactive Workflow status on Job application
The minimum number of days that the Candidate data will be kept, that is not anonymized, after the workflow status of the Job application of the Candidate has became inactive (no of days after the last step was taken).

Notify period
The application provides the opportunity to notify a candidate of the fact his/her data will be anonymized in a certain number of days. This gives the candidate some time to update the profile and privacy statement, which allows the organisation to keep the data in file. In the section on "Email templates", it is possible to configure an email that will ask the candidate for an update and will be sent automatically a number of days before the anonymization date. This field determines that number of days.

Record types
This setting contains the types of candidates (record types) that will be anonymized').

Renewal period
After a candidate agrees to update his/her profile and decides to agree to the privacy statement again, the data can legally be kept in file. This field determines the number of days after renewal of the privacy agreement, the data may be kept in file.



If you're interested in this functionality please contact your account manager.

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