Job wizard: Configuration


The easiest way to create a new Job is by use of the "Job wizard", a tool that indicates the fields that need to be filled for creation of a new Job. An example of how this wizard could look like, is given below.

Note: please notice that the Job wizard and the Job page layout need to be configured separately!


Application settings

The layout of the "Job wizard" can be adjusted to the preferences of the organisation. Other fields that can be shown on the "Job wizard" and are important for creation of a job are "Job description", "Job requirements" and "Compensation & benefits". Adjustment of the fields in this wizard can be done in the application settings and will be explained below.

The following screenshot shows how the section on "Job wizard" looks like in the "Application settings". 

The fields that need to be filled are:

Job wizard: page layout
This field determines the layout of the "Job wizard", which implies that it determines the fields that are shown on the page. In the example, the layout consists of four fieldsets (postion details, people involved, job description and media channels), all containing their own fields. Next to that, there is a section on pre-screening questions in this "Job wizard". To make or adjust fieldsets, go to "Setup" --> "Build" --> "Create" --> "Objects" and search for the Job-object. That object contains a section on fieldsets, where adjustments or new fieldsets can be made. 

Before changing the field sets in the job wizard it is advised to make a copy of the current setup, as a fallback if the change isn't desirable.

Note: Each fieldset or section needs to be placed on a new line in this field.

Select department/customer? 
This settings configures whether it is possible to choose the department or customer the job belongs to during creation in the "Job wizard". When selected, the "Job wizard" will automatically fill the field "Company information" of the job with the text that is provided in "Company description" in the file of the selected department or customer.

Sort departments/customers hierarchically?
By checking this checkbox, the application will sort the departments and customers in the "Job wizard" hierarchically. This implies that organisations will have their departments right below them. In this way, all accounts related to one organisation will be grouped together. If this setting is not checked, the departments and customers will be sorted alphabetically.

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