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For some "Jobs" it is very hard to find a suitable candidate. Publishing the jobs on your own media channels and external job boards in that case do not always lead to the candidate the organisation is looking for. When organisations have jobs like these and need a suitable candidate in a short manner of time, a possible option is to spread the job amongst suppliers (e.g. recruitment agencies). These suppliers usually have a large database with candidates that might include a suitable one for the organisation. To spread a job to recruitment agencies, each job file has a button "Distribute to suppliers" as shown in the job file below.

When an organisation decides to use the option of spreading the job to suppliers, the Connexys-application provides a filter opportunity to choose the suppliers that should receive the job. Filter options are "Kind of supplier", "Function category" and "Region". Based on these criteria a list of suppliers will be generated that can be selected to send an email with the job a candidate is requested for. Below the screen is shown that is given for the settings concerning "Recruitment agency enabling".

The only setting that needs to be configured is:

  • Default value kind of supplier: After the button "Distribute to suppliers" is clicked on, the filter settings appear. This value determines what value is standard selected for the filter "Kind of supplier". Possible options are "Preferred", "Section" and "Other".
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