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Within the Connexys application you have the possibility to create a personalised candidate CV with the relevant information you define and in the style sheet of your company. The generated CV can be send to your clients together with, or instead of, the actual candidate CV within the workflow steps.

Using the Generate CV functionality

When in the Generate CV functionality you see the below screen:

When working with the Generate CV functionality you can load an old Generated CV.

In the Candidate details tab you see all fields that can be chosen and edited, this counts for the following objects:

  • Candidate
  • Job Application
  • Job
  • Work Experience
  • Education

In every of the above mentioned objects there is a fieldset that holds the specification of the fields that are visible in the Generate CV functionality

These can be changed by going to Salesforce setup > Create > Objects > Candidate > Fieldset that have “CV Generator” in the naming.

You can change data on the left, and press either the green arrow to transfer the new value per field, or press the green button on top to transfer all values of the section.

When you press the Parsed CV tab the Work Experience and Educations of the CV will be parsed and shown below.

You can either drag & drop the sections from left to right, or use the same green arrow and/or green button to transfer the data from one to the other side.

Via the pencil icon you can edit the value of the data.

If you want to add additional Work Experiences and Educations that are not on the CV, then go back to the Candidate details tab and press the below blue button.

There you can define details from scratch and transfer them to the right section via the green button.

By pressing the PDF Preview tab the Generated CV will show:


  • At the Job application page; there is a field called 'Preferred Resume. [You do not see the Generate CV screen]. With this field, you know which CV is used as preferred.
  • At the Generate CV page; Clicking button "Save Generated CV to jobapp" causes the Generated CV to be used on this the step. Clicking button "Use Uploaded CV" causes the uploaded resume to used.
  • At the Generate CV pageKnown issue: The document preview can not (yet) be downloaded. Since the page is still in editing mode for the resume, the data is volatile, ie not saved.
  • If you experience problems with the PDF preview in the Gen CV read this article.
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    Stefaan Somers

    Is there a way that you can also specify the name of the generated CV instead of the standard one, especially when you want to reuse it afterwards

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