Talentpool: Activity Templates


As a admin you can create activities of Tasks to contact your People in the Pool. The user can assign the created templates for Tasks to a Talentpool, the Tasks can be created for the members in this Talentpool. This Tasks can also be scheduled on a recurring basis.

Talentpool Activity Templates

A. Go to the Connexys Setup and click on "Talentpool Activity Templates". 

B. Fill in the information:

  • Details: Subject and priority of the Task
  • Due Date: Day and/or month
  • Description: Information of the Task
  • Recurrence: The Task can be a standard or a recurring Task. If it is a recurrent Task you can fill in the frequency and schedules fields.


C. After you saved a 'Talentpool Activity Templates' your user will be able to assign it to their Talentpools. 

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