EU11 - Incident: service disruption - Solved


If your Connexys Resource Manager is on the EU11 instance, you and your Candidates (to be) might experienced a disruption. 

Start time 07:44 CEST, Jul 22

End time  10:16 CEST, Jul 22

Duration 2 hours, 32 minutes

 If you do not know if you are on EU11. See the website address for this. You might see this in the URL at the Home page when you logged on. If you do not see it in the URL, you should see it when you navigate to the Connexys settings. 

See below an example how this might look like: 


Either way there are no actions required, as the issue has been resolved. 


Salesforce provided the following details(at the moment of publishing this article). 

"Upon investigation, the Salesforce Technology team determined that the cause of the incident was related to an issue within the EU11 storage tier in the Paris data center that resulted in a sudden and unexpected exhaustion of capacity and led to the service disruption.

In order to resolve the issue as quickly as possible, the team made the decision to site switch the EU11 instance from the Paris data center to the Frankfurt data center. That activity began at 07:45 UTC and was completed at 08:16 UTC. At that time, the service disruption was resolved and service levels returned to normal.

The Technology team has fixed the configuration issue in the storage tier in the Paris data center. Data written to the EU11 instance within the 15 minutes preceding the service disruption may not have been replicated to the redundant copy of the instance in our Frankfurt data center, and therefore may not have been present in that copy of EU11 when the site switch was performed.

The team is currently investigating to determine if any transactions during this period were not present in the Frankfurt copy of EU11, and if so, the appropriate methods for restoring these transactions. As part of our standard process, we are performing a full root cause analysis and will provide our customers with a summary of the details upon request once they are available."

You will find all (new) details Salesforce here:


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