Accounts and Contacts


This page explains the different types of Accounts and Contacts and how to merge this objects. 

Merge Accounts or Contacts


See details of the Accounts under the tab 2017-07-20_13_21_41-Search.pngAccounts. Depending on the type of company Connexys has two standard account record types available.



Type of company

 Department / Customer


 Extra recordtype?


 Organisation structure
if required

 Staffing agencies



 Customer database

 Third party staffing agencies


N.B. Within the Platinum edition Accounts are being named Organisations.

When choosing a Account/Organisation by making a new Job, the Company information will automatically be filled from the Account details.


There are three standard contact record types available in the Contact object. You can find more information of the existing Contacts under the tab 2017-07-20_13_21_58-Search.pngContacts. The record types are:

  • Recruiter: Heavy user in the application, always has to have a user as well (profile: Recruiter)
    N.B. Make sure the Recruiter field is checked on the Contact
  • Hiring Manager: Can be an active user in the application or only a Contact, depending on the requirements and licenses (profile: Hiring Manager) 
    N.B. Make sure the Hiring Manager field is checked on the Contact
  • Supplier: In case of permanent recruitment this will only be a Contact, if working with a Supplier Portal for temporary recruitment they can be an active user as well (profile: Customer Portal Manager Connexys)

It is possible to handle candidates as Salesforce Contacts. This requires a synchronization that Connexys can set-up for you. Using the Salesforce Contact object allows you to use all Appexchange and standard Salesforce applications that are based on this standard object. 


Merge Accounts or Contacts

Accounts or Contacts are Salesforce objects. Salesforce objects can be merged automatically. Custom objects cannot, so these must be manually connected into the Contact you want to merge into. To distinguish the double records, it is advisable to rename the record that will be 'deleted' with an addition so to make that record recognizable, for example: "_OLD".

Read here how to merge: 


  • Ensure that for each of the double contact the correct named Organization (Account) is filled 
  • Open the named Organization (Account). In the 'Contacts' section click 'Merge Contacts'
  • Search the [previously found] duplicate contacts; check these, click 'Next', and follow the steps


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