Within the Candidates tab candidates can be managed. Use the button Create New Candidate to add a new candidate. You can drag and drop a CV or fill in the information manually. When you click on a Candidate record the page will open were you can find the information about a Candidate Record. The page layout of the Candidate object can be configured in the Salesforce Set-up. In this article different headers, fields, lists and buttons of this Page Layout will be explained.

Candidate Detail Page


Candidate Detail Page

Google Maps

On the map you can see the location, country of the Candidate and a Job (in case of a Job application). When there is an error see this article.

Related list hover links

Hover the mouse over a related list hover link to give you a quick view of the corresponding related list. Click on a link, and you jump to the content of the related list instead of scrolling down the page.


First there are the Standard Salesforce buttons. Which one and the order are dependent of the configuration of the Candidate Object. Examples of these buttons are: Edit, Delete and Change Owner. This applies also for the Custom buttons.

Besides GenCV, is "Send candidate update request" also an example of a custom button. When you click on this button the Candidate section that opens, contains the name and e-mail address of the Candidate. The Email text section contains a text that is populated by an e-mail template. It contains a link to an application form (with already known, updated information of the Candidate) as a merge-item.

Since an Application form will be pre-populated/updated with the data that is already known we offer the ability to make the link in the e-mail only accessible for a limited number of days, thus minimizing the privacy leads.

Since you can configure multiple forms in our CO-Recruiter app we also give you the option to select the Media channel. This way you can send a different update form for internal candidates (employees) and for external candidates.

Personal Details

Fields with personal information of the Candidate, like language of the Candidate and name. When there are duplicate names, the date of birth will be added to the name. Click on the button Edit or click on a field when you want to edit or to fill in this information. For example, to change The Record Type of the Candidate from Employee into External Applicant.
When the checkbox ‘Available for matching’ is checked, the Candidate can be found in Textkernel Search!

Contact details

(Editable) fields with the contact information of the Candidate, like Email address and Phone Number(s). Thereby you can find out if the Candidate has submitted his or her Availability. If integration is set also if the Candidate wants to receive Opt-Out Jobs by Mail or Newsletters.


Attachments of the Candidate, like CV, Letter or Extra Documents. These document can also be send with a proposal via the hiring manager portal or the proposal portal.


Document Preview (7)

For more information read the article about Document Preview. After the document preview there are the Related List. This applies that the related records of the candidate can be found here. Common list will be explained below.

Job Applications (8)

The Job Applications records of the Candidate. Click on the record and the corresponding Apply page will open.

Education (9)

Education and Work experience are examples of Related lists. It’s possible to add these information on the generated CV .

Notes & Attachments (10)

Here you can add new Notes and attach Files. It is unfortunately not possible to change the creator of an attachment or to add the owner to the related list. Thereby, it is not possible to look for these information via Textkernel Search! and Connexys Search.

Hard Criteria (11)

After filling out an application form, it is possible that a candidate has indicated which hard criteria apply to him/her. When using Textkernel Extract! for filling out the form in the Javascript API, hard criteria might be prefilled based on their parsed names and synonyms. These hard criteria will then be saved in the candidate file. New hard criteria can also be added, click on ‘Change Hard Criteria’, for example after the recruiter or hiring manager found out something about the candidate during a job interview. Based on the hard criteria in the candidate file and the hard criteria in the job file, matching can be executed.

Activity History (12)

Activity History are Closed activities, past events and closed tasks, like Emails.

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