Proposal Portal - Multiple documents


As of Release 9 it's possible to offer multiple documents for download in the Proposal Portal. This also includes custom documents.

First, to determine which documents should be available for download in the Proposal Portal a new fieldset has been made available on the Job application object: Proposal portal documents. Drag the desired documents to the section In the Field Set. On the step page you can additionally decide which of the previous selected documents are shown in the Proposal Portal. Please be advised that the documents are only shown when they are present for this specific Job application.

For the Extra Doc1 and Extra Doc2 documents, you also need to add the field Enable recipient to download [document name] for the respective documents. To show those documents in the Proposal Portal the field should have the value Yes.

Furthermore, we advise you to add both CV URL en CV generator template as document in the field set. It will only show one of them. If a CV generator template is present, that document prevails over the CV URL and will be shown in the Proposal Portal.

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