Release Notes - Connexys v.9 [Summer '17]



This article is the general overview of the most important improvements for release v.9

Start installing: Summer 2017 [Expected: July/August]



  1. Additions
  2. Changes
  3. Fixes


1. Additions

1.1 Lightning Ready

We continued working on making Connexys Resource Manager ready for Salesforce Lightning. To read more on Salesforce Lightning, visit: Salesforce lightning campaign

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2. Changes

2.1 Rating the skills of a Candidate

When enabled, the Candidate and Recruiters can now select which levelset of the hard criteria type is applicable. Places where this component is used; Edit hard criteria, Javascript appy form, Job wizard, Candidate wizard and the CV generator. [TRS-2791]

2.2 Questionnaire: logic possibilities enhanced 

Logic between certain questions can now be added to more than one answer per question. Read this article for more information about questionnaires and adding logic to questions. [TRS-2586]

2.3 Questionnaire: objects that can be used enhanced

Questionnaires can now be used on all objects, including custom objects, with an extra URL parameter. This is further explained in the article Questionnaires [TRS-2709]

2.4 Email clean up schedule

A new application setting (Email cleanup duration, which can be found under System) is available in which you can determine the number of days emails are kept in the database. The default value is 365 days. [TRS-2861]

2.5 Publish on job boards

The screen that appears when publishing a vacancy to a jobboard via Mimir (by using the button "Publish on job boards") is changed. You will see this change if the vacancy is published to some available job boards, but not to all. Two tables will then be shown with on top the table with existing job adverts on job boards en below the table that shows the job boards the vacancy has not yet been published to. This also allows you to update a certain posting without updating all active postings. To do so, first select the posting you want to update and then click on the button ''Update selected job boards''. [TRS-2785]


2.6 Proposal portal: multiple documents

Besides the CV or Generated CV, it is now also possible to use other documents in the Proposal Portal, including custom documents. [TRS-2802]

2.7 Proposal portal: account on step page

On the step page both the job name and account name are now displayed when proposing a candidate via the Proposal portal in the "Proposal page for" field. [TRS-3066]

2.8 Proposal portal: sorting proposals

The proposals (job applications) in the proposal portal will be sorted first by the display order of the workflow status the job application is in and will then show the most recent proposal within that status on top. Previously the oldest proposal was shown on top. [TRS-3067]

2.9 Workflow activities and sharing

A new application setting is available, Save activities in job application, to make sure workflow activities like workflow step emails are saved on the Job application and not on the Candidate (if the setting is enabled). This is useful when you use sharing on the Job application object to make sure activities of a job application are not visible for users who have access to the Candidate but not to the Job application. [TRS-2893]

2.10 Account: Customer & Supplier

It is now possible to use one account as a Customer and as a Supplier, regardless of the account record type. There are two new fields on the Account object: Is_customer__c and Is_supplier__c. If Is_supplier__c is checked on the account, it will be seen as a Supplier. The account is therefore shown on the Distribute to suppliers screen. If Is_customer__c is checked the account will be seen as a Customer and is shown in the Job wizard in the account look up field. If both fields are checked for one account, it is seen as both a Supplier and Customer. The account is shown in the Job wizard in the account look up field and on the Distribute to suppliers screen. [TRS-2592]

2.11 Textkernel Candidate Search: Optimization of indexing

The candidate indexing schedule for Textkernel Search has been optimized. The schedule will now run every half hour and index a maximum of 1250 candidates every half hour. [TRS-3213]



3. Fixes

Each of our customers reporting a bug via Connexys Support, always receives updates on fixes for that bug via Connexys Support.

Reference Description  
TRS-2708 Proposal portal: the date of birth is now displayed in a correct date format.  
TRS-2706 It should not be possible to perform the step "Propose with Generate CV" without going to Generate CV even though as per setup "Generated CV required" is set to true.  
TRS-2703 Choosing a group step in the Workflow tab and then going back leaded to an error.    
TRS-2699 Applicant Tracking: rating adjustment effected a correct sorting.   
TRS-2700 Generate CV: layout issue on the pop-up solved.   
TRS-2804  Javascript form: no post message when file upload  
TRS-2778  Multiposter IGB: error when deleting Job advert.  
TRS-3046 Text in custom text field in fieldset Talentpool View is now displayed correctly  
TRS-2796 Google Map on Candidate overview works fine again when not using a visualforce page  
TRS-3010 The filter "applyBool=false" in Connexys Candidate Search is fixed  


Reference Description  
TRS-2805 Multiposter IGB: When posting without a start and/or end date it will not provide a date.   
TRS-2843  Workflow status when performing a step without transition is now correctly saved  
TRS-2815 Javascript error on Reject / Add to talentpool step fixed  
TRS-2922 Validation rule candidate wizard is shown correctly  
TRS-2939 Translation of picklist fields on the trsPortalPosition page are shown correct  
TRS-2674 Dutch - English translations have been improved  
TRS-2911 Error in showing numbers in Gen CV fixed  
TRS-2983 Topics that will be anonymized are now also shown on the anonymize page  
TRS-3135 Only allowed candidates are now shown in the Manager Portal  
TRS-2913 Values of custom picklists for Education & Work experience are now shown correctly in the Generated CV  
TRS-3122 Errors on the step page when a mandatory field is left empty are now displayed correctly  
TRS-3220 Correct language is now displayed in the preview Proposal Portal  
TRS-3225 Personality match is now correctly translated in Proposal Portal  






Until finalizing the release itself, this article is an indication to help anticipate better on our upcoming release, and are not yet the final release notes.

When a release will be towards finalization, we will announce this to all our customers via email.

When later upgrading a customer's org with the new release, we will inform that customer individually.

Connexys maintains the right to, without prior warning, adjust the material on this planning. Read our full Disclaimer here or download our General Conditions.

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