Resolved: Some Job application forms show error message 20 March 2017


Update 20-03-2017 16:22 CET:

Patch 8.0.7. has been rolled out to fix this code issue.


On Friday 17 March we found out that some Job application forms show an error that contains the message that the campus event is not published/available anymore.

Work around:

If an application form shows this message you can fix this by unchecking the checkbox of the mediachannel (eg. Internet) in the job vacancy and saving the change. Subsequently, check the checkbox for the mediachannel again and save this change. This will update the URL and send the correct URL of the job application form to the webservice. When the web admin extracts the data from the webservice feed, the correct URL will be shown in the vacancy.

Coming Monday we will look for a permanent solution.

Our apologies for the inconvenience.


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    Herman Bentvelzen

    Patch 8.0.7. has been rolled out to fix this code issue.

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