ATTENTION: Spring '17 Translated Terminology Update


As an administrator of a Salesforce org, we want to notify you of an upcoming change to translated terms that may impact your organization.

What is the change?
With the Spring '17 release*, we are updating some terminology, including tab and field names, for our Arabic, Danish, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Indonesian, Japanese, Slovak, and Thai language users. You can find details about the changes made for each language by reviewing the Spring17 Updates to Translated Terminology article. The knowledge article provides each term in English, the old translation, and the new translation.

*Currently targeted for January 2017; date subject to change

How will this change impact me?
These terminology changes will be rolled out to all organizations with the Spring '17release. For details on when your organization will be upgraded to Spring17, please visit

If your organization would like to keep the current standard tab and field labels, system administrators can explore options to change the name back using our Rename Tabs and Labels functionality. For more information, see the Renaming Tab and Field Labels help topic.

How can I get more information?
For further information on renaming fields, please follow the links below:

Renaming Tab and Field Labels:
Considerations for Renaming Tab and Field Labels:

For additional questions, open a case with Support via the Help & Training portal.

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