Textkernel release on January 16, 2017


We would like to inform you about an upcoming Textkernel release, which will take place on Monday January the 16th. The release will contain new functionality and improvement of existing functionality.

The existing Talentpool facet will be changed to a tagcloud, which will improve the performance.

It will be possible to add your own synonyms to carry out grouped searches. For example, you can add the synonym “Big Four”’ for the four big accounting firms where you include those companies. You will then only have to search for “Big Four” in stead of the four company names. Please be aware that the synonyms are only visible for the user who enters them.

Postal codes
The postal codes for Spain and Italy will be added. This allows you to also search on the distance between the location of a candidate and that of a job position for these two countries.

Three new facets for Jobfeed will be added: Direct employer, Employer branch and Status. This is only visible if you use Jobfeed.

The application will be available during the release.

Do you have any questions about this release? Please send an email to help@connexys.com or contact Customer Support by phone at +31 10 498 09 88.


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