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If you're interested in the Proposal portal please contact your account manager.

In this article, you can find information about the configuration of the Proposal Portal. The content of this article is:

List of labels used in the portal
Hide and/or replace fields
Possibility to download multiple documents
The proposal link

List of labels used in the portal

In this section, the list of labels, that are used in the Proposal Portal, is shown. The name in the list can be used as a search criterium to find and override the correct label (via Salesforce Setup > Build > Create > Custom Labels). This is needed when overriding fields in the portal (please view this section, for more information about overriding fields in the proposal portal).

The labels that are only used in the Proposal portal and can therefore be overridden without problems: 

  • datepicker_Clear_selection
  • datePicker_close
  • datepicker_nextCentury
  • datepicker_NextDecade
  • datepicker_nextMonth
  • datepicker_nextYear
  • datepicker_prevCentury
  • datepicker_prevDecade
  • datepicker_prevMonth
  • datepicker_prevYear
  • datepicker_selectDecade
  • datepicker_selectMonth
  • Error_initialisation_error
  • Error_no_access_to_data
  • proposal_availability
  • proposal_candidate
  • proposal_dateofbirth
  • proposal_E_mailadres
  • proposal_filter
  • proposal_former_employers
  • proposal_former_jobs
  • proposal_gender
  • proposal_inviteHeader2
  • proposal_Match_rating
  • proposal_message
  • proposal_messagePlaceholder                   
  • proposal_messageSuccess
  • proposal_messageTo
  • proposal_page_title
  • proposal_per_hour
  • proposal_personality_match
  • proposal_phone
  • proposal_pickTimeslots 
  • proposal_portal_Message_to
  • proposal_rejectHeader2
  • proposal_Resume
  • proposal_review_on
  • proposal_SendTo
  • proposal_Years_old
  • Position_summary_hours_per_ week
  • Toggle_navigation
  • Send_a_message
  • Send_a_message_to
  • Send_to
  • Starting

The following labels are not exclusive to the Proposal portal and are thus also used in other places in Salesforce. Please be careful with these labels and do not just change these without thorough consideration:

  • Candidate
  • Close
  • of
  • other

Hide and/or replace fields

The values of fields in the proposal portal can be hidden or replaced by the values of other fields (introduced in version 7.0). Which fields are hidden or replaced can be configured in the "Connexys Resource Manager Setup" in the "Proposal portal field override" section.

In this configuration screen, overrides can be created, edited, or removed. An override can be used to hide or replace a field.


As can be seen in the screenshot above, an override has three fields. The first two define which object and which field of this object are overridden. In the last field, the replacement for this field can be configured or, it can be cleared, so it is not rendered at all in the proposal portal.

Overridden fields have to be included in the generated CV at the moment of generation. They will not be added retroactively to existing generated CVs.

Which fields are used in which spots, can be checked by using a proposal URL and adding "&overrideTest=true" to this URL. Place this fragment in the URL, just before the '#' in the URL.
When using this overrideTest setting, the proposal portal might end up slightly distorted. But the fields which can be overridden are showing in an "object->field" notation. Overridden fields are shown in "object=>field" notation. And cleared fields as "object[clear]".

Date of birth

This field doesn't just show the date of birth but also calculates the age of the candidate. The age cannot be overridden. To remove or override the date of birth and age, you will need to remove the block Personal Info. It will probably look like this: PersonalInfo(left).Proposal_personal_info. You can do this via the application settings. Other fields relating to the personal info of the candidate can be placed in another block or in a custom block. A Connexys consultant is needed to configure this. Contact Connexys Support or your account manager.

Overriding the label of a field

When a field is overridden, you separately need to override the label of this field. Labels can be found in Salesforce Setup > Build > Create > Custom Labels. In the section List of labels used in the portal the labels that are used in the portal are listed.

Possibility to download multiple documents

As of Release 9, it's possible to offer multiple documents for download in the Proposal Portal. This also includes custom documents.

First, to determine which documents should be available for download in the Proposal Portal a new fieldset has been made available.

Go to Salesforce Setup > Object > Job application > Go to the field set Proposal portal documents.

Drag the desired documents to the section In the Field Set. On the step page, you can additionally decide which of the previously selected documents are shown in the Proposal Portal. Please be advised that the documents are only shown when they are present for this specific Job application.

For the Extra Doc1 and Extra Doc2 documents, you also need to add the field Enable recipient to download [document name] for the respective documents. To show those documents in the Proposal Portal the field should have the value Yes.

Furthermore, we advise you to add both CV URL and CV generator template as document in the field set. It will only show one of them. If a CV generator template is present, that document prevails over the CV URL and will be shown in the Proposal Portal.

The proposal link

The link consists of a combination of the Job ID (position ID), contact ID, and an access key. There are a number of things that apply:

  • This access key is generated at random (fuzzy logic) and consists of 13 letters and number combinations.
  • The Proposal link is available for a maximum number of days. This can be set up to a maximum of 180 days. Go to the Connexys Setup > Application Settings > All Settings > Step, and enter the number of days in the field "Proposal access duration".

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