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Orphaned documents in the service


An issue was identified with certain candidate record documents that have been shared through the Connexys for Salesforce “Proposal” functionality; when adding attachments to an email in a Step and/or Email component; and when uploading images as part of generating candidate CVs. As part of these processes, Connexys creates and stores a copy of the applicable document as a new Content Document in the Service. 

In versions prior to 31.27.3 (e.g. 31.27.2 and older versions), if the Content Document was candidate-related (e.g. a CV), then the Content Document was not linked to the candidate. As a result, the Content Document would not be deleted/anonymized when a customer deleted/anonymized the related candidate record. These Content Documents remain in your Service as “Orphaned Documents” as the candidate anonymisation process cannot identify them.

With version 31.27.3, and more current versions, the Content Documents created after installation are linked to candidate records and, accordingly, they are included in the anonymisation process.

The ODC Tool allows you to review these potentially Orphaned Documents and delete them at your discretion.

Please take note:  We are providing this tool to assist and streamline your review of these Content Documents.  That said, due to the nature of Salesforce, and your ability to configure, customise, or add third party products to the Service, it is possible that legitimate documents could appear to be Orphaned. For this reason, any deletions you perform need to be carefully considered.

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