Release Notes - Connexys v31.27.4


This article is an overview of the most important improvements and fixes for release v31.27.4










Removal of link between ContentDocuments and Site Guest User


If a customer customised the “alias” field, which in a standard configuration also was the guest user, the link between ContentDocuments and the Site Guest User was not removed.

To prevent this from happening, we will now remove newly created ContentDocumentLinks for the ContentDocuments created for any User of type ‘Guest’.

Additionally, the previous Application Setting  (Connexys Setup>Connexys only settings>Application Settings>Remove_Files_SharedWith_SiteUser) to control the link removal process has now been deprecated, as it was looking for links for any User with an alias of ‘Guest’. 

Your Support Representative will advise you if the alias being used is something other than ‘Guest’ currently, and subsequently advise if any further configuration changes are needed.  

If the alias ‘Guest’ is already being used for the SiteUser, no further action is required.

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